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Explosion Art - Art supplies and price search delivers consumers that have researched their purchase and are ready to buy online. Anecdotal evidence from our merchants indicates that conversion rates from Explosion Art - Art supplies and price search are much higher than paid search engines or pay per click campains.

Quality traffic at a lower cost:

Listing on Explosion Art - Art supplies and price search starts at $0.00! Thats right if your successful, we are successful, we work on commission not clicks. Just contact us and let us know your interested in being displayed on our site, we will explain the process from there. Products must be relevant to our site and an xml / rss feed available for your store. Don't know how to set up a product feed, we can help! Rather display creatives with us? We can help with that too.

Manage your campaign easily:

Merchants control just about every aspect of their campaign. Choose which products are online (make updates to your store and changes happen at ours).

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